About Me

Version française


My name is Simon Dujancourt, 25, living in Laval, Mayenne, France.

Since September 2016, and until the latter part of July 2018, I’m following a work / study Master degree in IT Security at the Institut d’Informatique Appliquée (IIA).

My current employer is Flatirons Jouve, a worldwide IT services company. I work as a DevOps in a managed services team made up of twenty persons in Mayenne.

In my day-to-day activities, I use Puppet (automation), Rundeck (orchestrator) and Terraform (IaaS) on Linux systems (mainly Red Hat-based distros). In other words, a true DevOps 🙂

I am going to finish my studies on late July 2018 et I’m open up to any opportunities related to my field, starting from August.


In addition to computers, I enjoy reading newspapers and thrillers.

I occasionally practice horse riding as a hobby.